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What To Know: Cancer and Critical Illness

What is it?

Cancer. Not a word anyone wants to hear their doctor use in most cases. Though the medical field has made incredible progress in treating Cancer and many other previously fatal diagnoses, you still face a fight as you and your doctors work through a treatment plan. In many cases, your road to physical recovery can be littered with financial potholes. Cancer and Critical Illness plans are designed to help you patch those holes in the road so you can focus on the destination – Recovery. 


How does it work? 

Cancer and Critical Illness plans focus on encouraging preventative care (such as $100 for an annual cancer screening) and meeting your needs in the case of a diagnosis. Money comes directly to you at the time of the initial diagnosis to help with how life is going to change for you in those first few months. Additionally, throughout the course of your treatment funds come to you to offset the cost of treatments, surgeries, therapies, transplants etc. All of this is above and beyond what your health insurance provider is doing for you during this time.


Why would you need this? 

For 2020, the American Cancer Society is projecting over 1.8 million new cancer diagnosis in the United States. Approximately 16.9 million Americans have a received a cancer diagnosis in their life as of January of 2019. Whether it be you, a loved one, or a cherished friend/colleague, Cancer and other Critical Illnesses have likely touched your life in some way. Do not be caught unaware and unprepared if you or your loved ones are faced fighting a severe diagnosis. Let our Enrollment Specialist at FED Benefits Center walk you through your options to ensure you are prepared. 

"I have been a Fed Benefits Center client for many years.  Having a history of cancer in my family, I utilize my Cancer Care Insurance benefits every year to take advantage of preventative screening.  Enjoying immense peace of mind is one of the many benefits of having this vital insurance protection.  Kim Reese and the team of Fed Benefits professionals can be counted on to deliver timely and reliable service along with specialized insurance products to fit a variety of needs. 


Brandi K., North Carolina"

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