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Educational Expertise

Whether it’s questions about your FEGLI options or tips on maximizing your TSP, FED Benefits has the expertise to help you make educated decisions. Our Enrollment Specialists are well-versed in the benefits available to federal employees in addition to the plans we offer. In addition to one-on-one opportunities FED Benefits Center conducts large group seminars as well as Lunch and Learn programs to add value on a number of topics relevant to your day-to-day outside of federal service. 

Understanding your FEGLI coverage (cost and benefit)

How to get the most out of your TSP before and after you retire

Lunch and Learn events to promote your understanding of insurance and retirement options

"I first want to say Thank You for all of the work you have done on my behalf. When a person is facing surgery and there are so many different situations to be mindful of and worry about and it was so nice to know that one of your employees stands out and shines in her job….I am very thankful you have such good people working for you and I have told many of my coworkers since I returned to work what a great company you are and how my claims were taken care of…"


Salem, VA

When I call Fed Benefits Center I am consistently greeted by a professional and courteous staff.  This is a team that works together to get things done.  Each year on my birthday and at Christmas, I receive a hand-written greeting on behalf of the entire Fed Benefits Center staff.  It’s always a welcomed occasion and brings a smile to my face.  I just love the personalized service!  Thank you Fed Benefits Center.   


Jessie J, Louisiana

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