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What To Know: Hospital & Accident Coverage

What is it?

Health Insurance has evolved over the last decade with the copays and out of pocket costs rising with the increased availability of High-Deductible health plans. The advantage to a High-Deductible plan is the monthly cost (or payroll deduction) is lower putting more money in your paycheck every payday. On the down-side your out-of-pocket costs can be much higher if you do need to see the doctor or have an unexpected illness or injury. Hospital and Accident Coverage can ease the burden of these costs and let you focus on recovery. 


How does it work?

Hospital and Accident Coverage will get you a check should you be admitted to the hospital or have an unexpected accident that requires care. The amount paid to you directly varies based on the length of your hospital stay or the severity of the injury from the accident. With money going directly to you the coverage can help with copays, offset income loss if you miss work, or purchase equipment if needed. How you need to use the money in your time of need is up to you! 


Why would you need this?

Over 30% of Americans have unpaid medical debt. These unpaid bills can be a major road-block when it comes to purchasing a car, buying a home, or financing education in the future. Many do not have enough savings to cover deductibles of a long-term stay in hospital or an extensive trip to the ER for an accident. Instead of borrowing from your future through using credit or taking from your TSP let our Enrollment Specialist at FED Benefits Center explore your need and ways we can protect your future! 

A trip to the emergency room during the global pandemic of 2019 revealed that I was dealing with an acute episode of diverticulitis.  The pandemic compounded this unexpected health event but having FED Benefits Center on my side was a God-send.  David Haddock’s onsite visits to my employer provided me with direct access to a knowledgeable insurance professional who answered my questions.  David put me in contact with Linda S., their Claims Supervisor, who assisted with my claim.  I  had a little difficulty getting the paperwork in good order but Linda’s expertise, guidance and leg-work made the experience much more manageable for me.  Once the insurance company received my claim, the benefits were timely paid.  Without FED Benefits Center I would not have had this insurance protection nor the financial assistance needed at a time when I was unable to work. 


Kathy M., Florida

My wife fell and broke her foot on a Sunday.  On Monday, I purchased an orthopedic boot for her foot and I called Fed Benefits Center.  Their claims supervisor promptly educated me about how to file a claim under our Accident Insurance Policy.  On Tuesday, I faxed over the required paperwork and on Thursday, I cashed my check!  I have invested in insurance plans with other insurance agencies.  After years of paying timely premiums to a competitor, I was forced to fight hard to receive the benefits I was entitled to.  From now on, Fed Benefits Center will be the “only” insurance agency for me. 


Daniel D., Mississippi

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