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Insurance Benefits

Disability Income Protection

Helps provide peace of mind when your ability to work is compromised

Cancer & Critical Illness

Helps offset large out-of-pocket expenses, paid directly to you, while you focus on your treatment and recovery

Hospital & Accident

Helps with unexpected, potentially significant out-of-pocket expenses for emergency and hospital services. Provides financial assistance to allow you to care for family members who are covered on the plan

Life Insurance

Ensures that you and your loved ones are protected and prepared for life's changes


Provides preventative, diagnostic, and comprehensive dental services which are essential to overall wellness


Provides diagnostic and materials (glasses/contact lenses) benefits on an annual basis which can help offset expenses that can add up quickly. Discounts towards LASIK

Insurance Benefits

With FED Benefits Center, you have the opportunity to obtain comprehensive benefits packages that are customized for the federal employee, and more importantly, for you specifically.  Click below to learn more.

After contracting COVID19, I was unable to work for 3 long months.  My insurance benefit through FED Benefits Center not only arrived faster than I expected, but was also more than I expected.  Throughout the entire claim process, I encountered staff who were respectful, knowledgeable and helpful.  Since returning to work, I have been recommending FED Benefits Center to my coworkers, family and friends. 


Angelica P., Florida

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