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Life Insurance Challenge

Basic Challenge - Save Money Give Back

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Save Money, Give Back

For many federal employees early in their career FEGLI 'Option B' can be an affordable option to get up to 5 times their salary in life insurance. However, as you get further into your career, into your mid 40’s and early 50’s your 'Option B' costs start to rise. For example a 49 year-old man working for the government has $345,000 in life insurance through FEGLI 'Option B', paying $38.45 each pay period. When that same man in average health turns 55 his Option B jumps to $74 every pay! We helped that man save $129,166 on that same amount of coverage with a 30-year term life policy. Take the 'Life Insurance Challenge' and see if we can do the same for you. 

In addition to that savings, if you take the time to explore your options with us we’ll not only send you a $5 Amazon Gift Card but we’ll make a $10 donation to Correctional Peace Officers Foundation during the week of the CPL 33 National Conference!

Take the 'Life Insurance Challenge' - 10 minutes can make a big difference...

For others - $10 donation to CPOF

For you - $5 Amazon Gift Card

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