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Need to verify your benefits? Had a recent life event? Do you have questions regarding a claim?

Why FED Benefits Center?

For over 20 years, FED Benefits Center has been passionately driven by the commitment to serve the federal employee. We are honored to partner with you throughout your career and into retirement. We seek to understand your benefit needs, build enduring relationships with you and your federal institution.  We use our expertise to design a benefits package that best fits your needs and protects those that you care about most, while providing unprecedented customer service.

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It is our greatest honor and privilege to serve our clients and families – with a goal to achieve 100% satisfaction and first-contact resolution. 


We are in your corner for every milestone and challenge you may face. We are fiercely committed to ensuring that your experience with us is second to none, while standing firm as your advocate and partner when dealing with insurance carriers. Every step of the way, we are not only with you, but we take the lead in making sure that you are taken care of.


With a sharp focus on understanding your specific needs, we utilize our expertise to provide you with more than just benefits that protect the present. We partner with you to ensure you not only thrive, but prosper for today and all of your tomorrows.

Insurance Benefits

With FED Benefits Center, you have the opportunity to obtain comprehensive benefits packages that are customized for the federal employee, and more importantly, for you specifically.

Our retirement experts can help you plan for a successful financial future – whether you are in early, mid, late career, or already retired.

We provide educational seminars, Lunch and Learns, training events, and customized materials and programs covering insurance benefits, retirement, FEGLI, TSP, and other financial-related topics. 

From career start through retirement, and everything in-between, FED Benefits Center is your trusted source of expertise and benefits. Your journey is not solely your own – we all have people who depend on us, are impacted by us, and care deeply about us. If your journey take a sudden turn, how will those people be affected? Connect with our experts today to learn more about finding peace of mind for tomorrow.

Life Insurance

"I’ve worked with FBC for close to 10 years. They are very trustworthy and transparent. They will tell you if the plan you already have (even if it’s with another company) is good and I’ve seen them not to try to sell something new in those situations. That is rare to see out there."



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