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Disability Insurance

- Gives you a check if you can’t work due to accident/sickness on or off the job

- Your doctor decides if you can or cannot work not the insurance company

Covers maternity as well

- Pays over and above your sick and annual leave

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FED Benefits Center has been your trusted voluntary benefits resource for over 20 years. From Benefits and Retirement Education to our in-house claims and operations team we are there for you every step of the way. When it comes to protecting you and your loved ones working with a team that is built to serve your unique needs as a Federal Employee is crucial!

Cancer Plans

 - Incentive for annual cancer screening

- Money for treatment and initial diagnosis

- Helps offset travel costs and second opinion fees

- Covers 27 other diagnoses.

Accident Coverage

- Certain dollar amounts in the event of an accident

- Helps cover copays and deductibles with a check paid to you

- Monies are proportionate to the severity of your injury

- Offset cost of equipment (knee brace, back brace, etc) for injuries off the job

Life Insurance

- Personalize plans for you and your family’s unique needs

- Whole, Term, and Universal Life available

- Get the peace of mind from a comprehensive review before making a decision

Hospital Indemnity

- Gives you a large check tied to the number of days you are admitted to the hospital

- Up to $5000 for 6 days

- An additional $30/day during your admission

- ER for an accident $100

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